May 5, 2016

Biology: Anatomy & Physiology - Home School Co-op Dissection Class

My kids and I participate in a local co-op for homeschoolers.  Each semester, parents are required to teach a class.  For some bizarre reason that I have yet to figure out, I chose to teach a dissection class.  (My gag reflex is strong!)  Over the semester, we dissected a worm, a grasshopper, and a frog.

We started by comparing and contrasting both the lives and the anatomies of these animals.  For our last class, though, I didn't have anything planned.

My class helper contacted me a couple days before class saying she'd been in touch with a retired biology professor from our local State College, and she'd agreed to visit our class to do a demonstration.  I had no idea what she would show us.  Okay, I was downright terrified!  How fresh would her specimen be?  I was positive I couldn't handle dissecting fresh roadkill (which was offered to her by my helper - yikes!)

Our guest brought with her a preserved feral cat.  I'm not gonna lie.  It was difficult.  I had a lump in my throat the whole time.  One student had to leave the room.  The teacher who uses the room after our class came in and sprayed air freshener when we were finished.  It was gross.

But, it was also fascinating and educational.  And I video recorded the whole thing!

Our guest taught the students the appropriate terms to use and showed them how the anatomy of all mammals - including humans - is similar.

If you have a student interested in this sort of thing, you'll want to show them this video.  If you have a weak stomach, though, you may want to hand them your computer and walk away.  Enjoy!

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