June 16, 2014

Home School Laws and Regulations by State

Facebook is an excellent resource for home schooling families.  Numerous groups are set up specifically for home schoolers to learn from each other, share curriculum ideas, and support each other.  One of my favorites is the Hip Homeschool Moms Community.  

One thing I've noticed, though, is that people new to home schooling or who are considering it always ask what the laws are in their State.  People who are moving from one State to another seek the laws in their new State.  Sometimes, even home schoolers who have been doing it for a while don't fully understand their own State's laws.  

I feel it's important to have access to the laws on home schooling for the States in which we each live.  We ought to be intimately familiar with them in order to be prepared for any scenario in which our right to home school may come into question.

My family is in New York State, so most of the information in my blog posts revolves around the regulations here, but I thought it might be helpful to other home schoolers, especially newbies, to have a single place to access the laws in any State they may desire.  To that end, I put together a list of links for all 50 states and Washington D.C.

This list is not intended to serve as legal advice or counsel.  It is merely a tool to assist you in learning about your State's home education laws and regulations.  If you have any questions regarding any of the laws, you should contact home school friendly legal counsel, such as the Home School Legal Defense Assocation (HSLDA).

The links for the States listed in red do not lead directly to that State's Department of Education website for one of two reasons.  Either, (1) that State does not regulate home education, or (2) no information on home education could be found by me on their website. Instead, those links lead to other, trustworthy websites with information on the home education regulations for those States.

I hope you find this useful.  Please feel free to contact me with any errors or broken links you may come across.

Alabama A2Zhomeschooling.com
Alaska Alaska Dept. of Education & Early Development
Arizona Arizona State Legislature
Arkansas Arkansas Dept. of Education
California California Homeschool Network
Colorado Colorado Dept. of Education
Connecticut Education Association of Christian Homeschoolers
Delaware Coalition for Responsible Home Education
Florida Florida Dept. of Education
Georgia Georgia Home Education Association
Hawaii Hawaii Dept. of Education
Idaho Idaho Coalition of Home Educators
Illinois Illinois Board of Education
Indiana Indiana Dept. of Education
Iowa Homeschool Iowa
Kansas Homeschooling in Kansas
Kentucky Kentucky Dept. of Education
Lousiana Louisiana Dept. of Education
Maine Maine Dept. of Education
Maryland Maryland Dept. of Education
Massachusetts Massachusetts Home Learning Association
Michigan Michigan Dept. of Education
Minnesota Office of the Revisor of Statutes
Mississippi U.S. Dept. of Education
Missouri Missouri Dept. of Education
Montana Office of Public Instruction
Nebraska Nebraska Dept. of Education
Nevada Nevada Homeschool Network
New Hampshire New Hampshire Dept. of Education
New Jersey New Jersey Dept. of Education
New Mexico New Mexico Dept. of Education
New York New York Dept. of Education
North Carolina Division of Non-Public Education
North Dakota North Dakota Legislative Branch
Ohio Ohio Dept. of Education
Oklahoma Oklahoma Christian Home Educators Consociation
Oregon Oregon Dept. of Education
Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Dept. of Education
Rhode Island Rhode Island Guild of Home Teachers
South Carolina South Carolina Dept. of Education
South Dakota South Dakota Dept. of Education
Tenessee Tenessee Dept. of Education
Texas Texas Homeschool Coalition Association
Utah Homeschooling in Utah
Vermont Vermont Agency of Education
Virginia Virginia General Assembly
Washington Washington Dept. of Public Instruction
Washington D.C. Homeschooling in D.C.
West Virginia West Virginia Legislature
Wisconsin Wisconsin Dept. of Public Instruction
Wyoming Homeschoolers of Wyoming