May 9, 2013

Why We Home School: Part II

Why We Home School:  Family 

Our family relationships are more important to us than just about anything.  Homeschooling affords us the ability to build and strengthen our relationships with our boys to a greater degree than if they attended public school.  Instead of spending 7 hours in school, they are home with us.  We choose to raise our children rather than sending them away for someone else to raise.  When they are grown and beginning families of their own, they will remember our strong bond and the importance we placed on spending time with them and raising them in the embrace of family.  During the week, our boys are away from us for only 4 hours a day, but even then, they are with family.  When I leave for work after lunch time, I drop the boys off with their grandparents, who care for them until their father returns from work at about 4:30 in the afternoon.  We never have to wonder or worry about what sort of values our boys are being taught, or what bad habits they may be picking up after spending 7+ hours a day with people we don't really know anything about and who don't know us, and most of whom don't share our values.

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