August 11, 2014

Have Got is a Do Not: the Grammar Series

I've got an idea.  You've got an idea.  We've got...  They've got....

There is more than one problem here.  First, redundancy.  "I have got."  "You have got."  "We have got."  "They have got."  'Have' and 'got' mean essentially the same thing here.  There's no need for both words.  Simply say, "I have an idea."  "You have an idea."  We have...  They have....  Or, if you want to sound all fancy like, you can even say "I've an idea."  "You've an idea."  We've...  They've....   Using "I've got" is like saying "Done did."  I done did my chores.  You done did your homework.  

Second problem, assuming we're speaking in the present tense, is that "got" is past tense, so it does not work.  Therefore, don't say "I got an idea."  "You got an idea."  We got... They got....  Not when you're speaking in the present.  Not when you're speaking about something that's happening right now.  'Got' is only appropriate when you're referring to something in the past.  I got sick.  You got the mail.  We got together.  They got an eviction notice.

Get it?  Got it?  Good.

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