July 1, 2013

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Craziness has crept in and overcome our schedule.  Which explains why I haven't written anything new in a couple of weeks.  I feel bad about that, but, honestly, there's not much I can do about it.  Between work, the regular Little League season, Little League Allstars games, summer camps, and trying to finish up writing my home school quarterly reports, annual assessments, and letters of intent to home school.... GAH!!!  It's just... craziness.

I did want to talk a little about our end-of-year wrap-up.  We finished off our school year with our Story in a Bag project, which was a huge success!  Then, my oldest son, Brandt, headed off for Wilderness Adventure camp.  They went on a 10 mile hike, swam in a college swimming pool, were challenged by a ropes course (Brandt got to jump climb a 70 foot tall tree and jump off it, which he loved!), and tent camped in the woods.

While he was gone, daddy and Noah packed up our camper and headed out for a daddy/son overnight camping trip.

When Brandt returned from camp, Little League Allstar games began.  Our team was eliminated after two games, but they kids had fun, and it was a good experience for Brandt, who has never really been much of a team player.

This morning, I dropped my youngest son, Noah, off for Basketball camp.  It's a day camp, but I can't drive the 25 miles twice each day to drop him off and pick him back up again, so he'll be spending the week with his grandparents.  It's a combination basketball camp and grandparents camp.  He could hardly contain his excitement!

While Noah is at camp this week, daddy and Brandt will pack up the camper and head out for a daddy/son overnight camping trip.

Next week, both my beautiful boys will spend the week at Bliss Summit Bible Camp together, leaving daddy and me home alone.  Woohoo!

We will finally embrace some rest and relaxation.  And, at some point, we will pack up our camper and head out for a hubby/wifey overnight camping trip.

We're thinking we'll plan things out the same way next year, as it's been nice for each boy to have their own special time away from home as well as with their daddy.  Bonus:  I get some time all to myself to relax and refresh!

So, that's our crazy busy summer schedule thus far.  In between all that, I somehow managed to complete our Quarterly Reports, Annual Assessments, and Letters of Intent to Home School.  I dropped those off at the school just this morning.  Such a huge load off my shoulders!  Now, all I have to do is figure out what curriculum to use for the coming school year, and write up my Individualized Home Instruction Plans by August 10th.  No pressure!  (She said, with sarcasm dripping off her lips like honey off the comb.)

On the horizon... I'm hoping to finish up my Why We Home School series with Why We Home School: Facts.  I'm also beginning a post on things we should say to our kids (to counter the numerous articles I've seen lately about what not to say to our kids, because I take issue with several of them.  For example, should we say "Good job!" to our kids?  Should we avoid saying "I'm disappointed in you"?  I'll be addressing those questions and more.)

Keep checking in on me, and forgive me for being so busy!

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