June 7, 2013

Five Home Schooling Myths Dispelled

1.  Home schooled kids aren't properly "socialized".  They lack social skills and aren't learning how to deal with life in the "real world".

Hanging out with friends at the lake.
Water fight at a birthday party.

Donut eating contest at a Halloween party.
Chatting with friends at Basketball Camp.

2.  Home schooled kids don't learn the important things they would in a public school.  They just read books and enter spelling bees.





3.  Home schooled kids sit at home all day.  It's just an excuse for families to be lazy!

Teasing the bear at Rock City park.

Learning about parabolic arches at a kid's science museum.

Taking a spin on the new go-cart.

Posing in front of a space capsule at a NASA museum.

4.  Home schooled kids are deprived of extracurricular activities.

Brandt's Little League team.

Noah's Little League team.

Noah receiving a certificate at Basketball Camp.

Brandt receiving a certificate at Basketball Camp.

5.  Home school families are all weird.

Okay, maybe that last one is true.  But we're okay with that.

What other myths of home schooling have you heard?


  1. This is awesome! Loved it! I think you about covered it! Every time I see any of the kids from our homeschooling group doing these kinds of things, I always say, "Look at those poor, weird, unsocialized homeschoolers." :) Oh, but sometimes we do stay in our pajamas all day. We just call it our 'uniform' days.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it, April. Sometimes I think the non-homeschoolers are really the weird ones! Also, my apologies for such a late response. My "reply" button has been missing in action for quite some time, and I just today figured out how to get it back.