May 11, 2011

Duck Face

Have you seen this phenomenon? It's what is widely becoming known as the "duck face". It's a popular self-portrait pose among young (teens and 20s) girls that they use as their profile photo on social networks.

Maybe it's just me, but I fail to see how this is attractive. But, as ugly as it is, you'll find in the comments section under each duck face photo comments that say things like, "You're so pretty!" "Lookin' hot!" "Love this pic!"

Really? The duck face is hot? I'm sorry, but no. No, it's not. You look like you just ate a sour Warhead candy, then got your lips stuck to a frozen metal pole. In other words, you look dumb.

Do you honestly believe this is attractive?

Why can't you simply smile? You know: that thing you do with your mouth where you turn the corners up, and show off your pearly whites. I dare you to try it! I'm willing to bet all I have on this earth that it will be more attractive than looking like a duck-billed platypus attempting to be human.

1 comment:

  1. AMEN!! Quit your quacking and just say "CHEESE."